About the review


Terms of Reference

Review and Objectives Plan

The Steering Committee

The review will be headed by an independent Chair who will be supported by a national steering committee. The committee will ensure ongoing visibility of the review’s progress and provide a communications conduit for all stakeholders.

The remit of the committee is as follows:

  • To oversee the delivery of the independent review from data collection, to data synthesis and final report provision.
  • To direct and support external communication regarding the process
  • To ensure that the final report answers the following questions:
  1. What is working well in LPCs and PSNC and what could be improved?
  2. What representation and support is needed by contractors now – and what is the future requirement likely to be?
  3. What are the most effective structures for current and future demand?
  4. How should the representation and support for contractors be financed?
  5. What is the best structure to ensure all contractors are represented well?
  6. What, if any, changes are needed now and over the life of the new Contractual Framework and beyond?

Its membership

Independent ChairProfessor David Wright
4 LPC RepresentativesSelected from 12 regions (no PSNC members)
2 Contractor Representatives (Multiple)CCA to identify (max. 1 PSNC member)
2 Contractor Representatives (Independents)Personal submissions
1 Contractor Representative (non-CCA multiple)AIM to identify (max. 1 PSNC member)
1 PSNC RepresentativePSNC Chief Executive Simon Dukes
1 Local Optical Committee (LOC) RepresentativeGeneral Optical Council (GOC) to identify
1 NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) RepresentativeDeputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer Bruce Warner or other representative

How it will engage with stakeholders

The review team is keen to hear from LPCs and contractors. The Steering Committee will decide at its first meeting this year exactly how the review should engage with the sector, but it is expected that the team will be running a series of focus groups early in 2020 to be supported by a national survey and more in-depth interviews with some individuals.

Minutes of Steering Committee meetings

Meeting Minutes 19th December 2019

Find out more about the process and timelines for the review here