Review Steering Group


The Pharmacy Representation Review Steering Group (RSG) is tasked with exploring the recommendations in the independent review by Professor David Wright ‘Independent Review of Community Pharmacy Contractor Representation and Support: Providing best value for contractors’. The RSG’s role is to look at the report recommendations from the perspectives of feasibility of delivery, cost, benefits to contractors and timelines and to come up with proposed plans for contractors to decide upon. RSG Members were appointed in 2020.

To find out more about the work of the RSG, read our ‘At a Glance Guide’ here.

Terms of Reference

PSNC proposed to LPCs the formation of a group, called the Review Steering Group (RSG).

The purpose of the RSG is to make proposals for contractors to decide upon (including how that decision-making process itself will work). The RSG is not a decision-making body in itself, and cannot cut across existing governance or decision-making mechanisms currently in place. The RSG will prioritise and commission work in order to explore, agree and propose a change programme.

The RSG will have the authority to convene or otherwise commission work as required. It will be the responsibility of the RSG to create a mechanism and process for engaging with all contractors and other key stakeholders including PSNC and LPC executive members, representatives from Distance Selling Pharmacies, and the wider diaspora of trade bodies and representative groups to ensure that as many voices are heard as possible. In doing so, it may also be useful for the RSG to set-up a contractor forum as a sounding board for new ideas and proposals. The RSG will provide oversight of any commissioned work, groups and fora and ensure that projects remain on track. The RSG will be responsible for any proposals subsequently put to contractors, and that those proposals take into account feasibility of delivery, cost, benefits to contractors and timescales.

The RSG will at all times take a proportional view of community pharmacy and ensure that the work it commissions, and any subsequent proposals and recommendations, are for the benefit of the sector as a whole. Transparency will be core to its function and the RSG will be responsible for communicating progress and ensuring visibility of its work to all stakeholders. Moreover, the RSG will also be responsible for ensuring that contractors remain at the heart of this change programme.

Meeting arrangements of the RSG will be determined by the convenor and members of the RSG. Members of the RSG adopted the Terms of Reference in December 2020 as put by PSNC and LPCs. In March 2021 the Terms of Reference  were updated to clarify the outline timeline.

Terms of Reference

Review Steering Group members