Approach & Timeline



End of November 2019

  • Professor Wright and his team were appointed

December 2019

  • Steering Committee selection and formation – agree structure and process for review
  • An introductory webinar to launch the review process is held for LPCs

January 2020

  • Focus Groups for LPCs and Contractors – to develop national survey tools and ensure the review team are asking the right questions
  • Interviews with innovators, influencers and relevant external groups
  • PSNC interviews

February 2020

  • Professor Wright and his team carry out a LPC survey and national contractor survey seeking views on the structures, processes and roles of LPCs and PSNC

March 2020

  • Report writing and recommendations

June 2020

July 2020

  • LPCs and PSNC have a virtual meeting to question Professor Wright and discuss a plan for next steps in response to the recommendations

November 2020

  • Review Steering Group appointed to look at the report recommendations from the perspectives of feasibility of delivery, cost, benefits to contractors and timelines and to come up with proposed plans for contractors to decide upon

17th December 2020

  • First meeting of the Review Steering Group

January 2021

  • Workshop to be held to allow the RSG to further refine the scope of the work programme and look in detail at the recommendations of the independent review