December 2021

  • RSG announces January engagement events and publishes an overview of the year’s engagement
  • Mark Burdon, who is an RSG member and an independent pharmacy contractor in the north-east, publishes short video update to the sector

November 2021

  • RSG presents progress update at the November 2021 Meeting of LPCs and PSNC
  • RSG gives progress update at a full meeting of the PSNC Committee

October 2021

  • RSG presents progress update at Pharmacy Show 2021, NEC Birmingham
  • Focus Groups held with contractors to explore options for representation
  • Updated roles for future local and national representative organisations published on RSG website

September 2021

  • Deep Sen Gupta joins RSG as Programme Manager
  • RSG September meeting sets agenda for the next stage: to explore, with the input of focus groups, how contractors should be represented in the new organisation; and what wider structure and governance

August 2021

  • RSG survey on the potential roles of the national and local organisations

July 2021

  • RSG holds focus groups with LPCs, PSNC members and contractors to discuss options for future model of national and local representative & support organisations
  • RSG met with leadership teams of AIM, CCA, NPA and PSNC to discuss options for future model of national and local representative & support organisations
  • RSG members update the Royal Pharmaceutical Society on the work of the RSG to date

June 2021

  • RSG webinar for pharmacy sector which presented:
  • The final key principles for how the programme will be run and how decisions will be governed
  • The final approach as to how the RSG will engage with key stakeholder groups
  • The final high-level plan and timeline of activities through to 2022
  • When you should expect to hear from the RSG and when we will be seeking input from stakeholders
  • RSG members update The Pharmacists’ Defence Association on the work of RSG to date

May 2021

  • LPC and contractor engagement events with update on key principles, approach, high level plan and activities to 2022. Feedback from these events used to produce the final programme design principles and updated roadmap to be presented at a webinar in June.
  • RSG members update CCA on the work of the RSG to date
  • RSG members update AIM on the work of the RSG to date

April 2021

  • April meeting of the RSG

March 2021

  • Programme Management consultants The Berkeley Partnership appointed
  • ‘Your Representation Your Say’ contractor engagement event. A video recording of the virtual event can be found here
  • RSG update at the LPC Conference
  • RSG members Mike Hewitson and Aneet Kapoor update the NPA Board on the work of the RSG to date
  • March meeting of the RSG

February 2021

  • February meeting of the RSG

January 2021

  • Workshop to be held to allow the RSG to further refine the scope of the work programme and look in detail at the recommendations of the independent review

December 2020

  • First meeting of the Review Steering Group

November 2020

  • Review Steering Group (RSG) established to look at the report recommendations from the perspectives of feasibility of delivery, cost, benefits to contractors and timelines and to come up with proposed plans for contractors to decide upon
  • The Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies (AIM), the Company Chemists Association (CCA) and the NPA and PSNC Regional Representatives appointed their representatives to the RSG

August 2020

July 2020

  • PSNC holds a virtual meeting for LPCs to question Professor Wright and discuss a plan for next steps in response to the recommendations

June 2020

March 2020

  • Report writing and recommendations

February 2020

  • Professor Wright and his team carry out a LPC survey and national contractor survey seeking views on the structures, processes and roles of LPCs and PSNC

January 2020

  • Focus Groups for LPCs and Contractors – to develop national survey tools and ensure the review team are asking the right questions
  • Interviews with innovators, influencers and relevant external groups
  • PSNC interviews

December 2019

  • Steering Committee selection and formation – agree structure and process for review
  • An introductory webinar to launch the review process is held for LPCs

End of November 2019

  • Professor Wright and his team were appointed