Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The RSG has produced the following myth-busting and FAQs document to address some of the common questions and misconceptions that have emerged from the group’s work.

RSG Myth-busting and FAQs – Second Edition

RSG Myth-busting and FAQs

Following the release of the Working Plan for the Contractor Voting Process, the RSG has published some FAQs.

Contractor Voting Process – A Working Plan from the RSG

Contractor Voting Paper FAQs

The FAQs document below has been published following the pharmacy sector event and LPC Conference in June:

RSG FAQs July 2021

This FAQs document below has been published following the engagement events with LPCs and contractors in May 2021:

RSG FAQs May 2021

Our FAQs document below have been drawn from questions posed at the RSG’s contractor and LPC engagement events in March 2021 and press interviews.

We have covered FAQs on:

  • Page 1: The Wright Review Page
  • Page 2: About the RSG and its Work
  • Page 3: Programme Management Expertise – The Berkeley Partnership
  • Page 4: Timescales
  • Page 4: RSG Finances
  • Page 6: RSG Engagement and Communications
  • Page 7: Working with LPCs