Contractor Vote on the RSG Proposals

The RSG published its proposals on  Friday 29th  April 2022.

Contractors have four weeks to read the proposals after which they will be asked to vote to either accept, or reject, the proposals in full.

A three-week voting period will open on Friday 27th May 2022 until 11.59pm on Friday 17th June 2022, during which contractors can cast their vote, one-vote per contract held, through a secure and independent online voting system.

Instructions about how to prepare for voting online was sent to contractors in April via post and electronically to pharmacy premises NHSmail email addresses. PDF version of the voting pre-notice that contractors will receive are available below.

Pre-vote notice (sent to pharmacy premises NHSmail email addresses  21st April 2022)

Pre-vote notice (hard copy sent by post to pharmacy premises by week ending 22nd April 2022)

Pre-vote notice (sent to pharmacy premises NHSmail email addresses 20th May 2022)

Pre-vote notice (hardcopy sent to contractors between 19/20th May 2022)

Pre-vote notice (sent by email to bulk voters 20th May 2022)

Full voting instructions, including the electronic voting notice with a unique link for your pharmacy to be sent out from on Friday 27th May 2022. This will be sent to shared NHSmail email inbox of each pharmacy premises, unless contractors with multiple pharmacy premises have requested bulk voting functionality. Bulk voters will receive one link, weighted for all their pharmacies to the nominated head office or owner email address.

Civica Election Services (formerly the Electoral Reform Services) are managing and overseeing the vote and are also acting as Independent Scrutineer, to ensure the impartiality and integrity of the process. You can visit the Civica Election Services website here.

Contractors will receive a voting notice nearer to the vote. Only individual contractors will be eligible to vote and the vote along with the results of the ballot and independent scrutineer’s report will be published to the sector by Wednesday 22nd June 2022.

Voting parameters

The RSG intends to hold a single vote.

Contractors will be asked in a single vote to approve (or not) the proposals for the future of contractor representation and support. The ballot question will be: Do you accept the proposals setting the direction for pharmacy representation? The response options to this question will be ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Contractors are not being asked to choose between several options as it is crucial that the outcome is a clear decision to either proceed or not.

All contractors will be eligible to vote.

One vote will be permitted per contract owned (i.e. one vote per ODS code), and all votes will be equally weighted.

Voting thresholds

1. The result will be measured on the percentage of all votes cast

2. A two-thirds majority of all those casting a vote is required to approve the vote

3. The target voter turnout will be two-thirds of the contractor base. It requires a significant majority of contractors to vote, and a significant majority to vote in the same way, to approve the vote.

Further information about the design of the contractor decision making process is available here.

Some FAQs about the voting parameters that have been set are available here.

Practical support and common questions about casting your vote

Note: If you have not received the voting pre-notice but think you should have or need your pharmacy data updated or have other questions about voting, please complete the following webform.

Note: If you are a bulk-voter, please complete the following webform to let us know that your company received the voting pre-notice and to submit information about secondary voting contacts in case of an emergency or change of circumstances.