RSG finance and governance

RSG Finance

In 2020/21 the RSG received £90,000 in funding from PSNC. Expenditure from December 2020 (when the RSG was first constituted) to 31st March 2021 was £90,000 as allocated.  Most of the expenditure was on external experts comprising of programme management advisors, a communications consultant and workshop facilitation.  Other costs relate to RSG member expenses and communications work to facilitate the set-up of the website and the launch of the two engagement events. 

RSG Accounts 2020/21

RSG accounts to February 2022

RSG revised budget 2021-22

Note: Final end of your accounts for 2021-2022 will be published here when the financial year reporting is closed off

The RSG is working towards a plan of activities, which was prepared by working with stakeholders to seek their feedback and inputs. The plan describes activities required to develop proposals for contractors to vote on, plus potential sequencing, duration, and dependencies.

Originally the 2021/22 phase of RSG work was to be financed by two further instalments of £90,000, from both PSNC and the network of LPCs. However, PSNC has contributed an additional £120,000 to resource a programme team.

RSG Revised Budget 2021-2022

LPC Funding Request

In the RSG Terms of Reference and proposal, agreed by LPCs and PSNC in September 2020, RSG was given scope to raise funds.

A discussion took place at the RSG meeting in January 2021 about funding. It was agreed to ask LPCs to match fund the PSNC contribution in 2021/22. It was noted that LPCs had previously co-funded the Independent Review in 2019-20 and could  be asked under similar arrangements, to make sure the next phase was sufficiently resourced.  Many LPCs were undertaking business planning and budget setting in February 2021 for the year ahead and it was thought helpful to make an early request to LPCs to avoid an in-year request falling outside the  budget setting process.

In February 2021, the funding request was communicated to the network of 69 LPCs via the annual meeting of LPC Treasurers and in the PSNC levy letter to LPCs (sent to Chief Officers and Treasurers) on 15th February 2021. In March 2021 this was further communicated to LPCs at the RSG update at the LPC/PSNC event.

In September 2021, the RSG sent a letter to LPCs with further details and background which accompanied PSNC levy invoices.

RSG Terms of Reference

Members of the RSG adopted the Terms of Reference in December 2020 as put by PSNC and LPCs. In March 2021 the Terms of Reference were updated to clarify the outline timeline.

RSG Expenses Policy

PSNC agrees to reimburse Review Steering Group (RSG) Members, for reasonable expenses incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in conducting RSG business, from within the budget allocated to RSG. The document below sets out the conditions under which claims will be paid and the process to be followed. The Resource Development and Finance subcommittee of PSNC may review expenses claims by individual RSG Members.

RSG expenses policy