Contractor Proposals

The Pharmacy Review Steering Group (RSG) has reached agreement on a proposed way forward to ensure that the support and services offered by PSNC and the LPCs are fit for the future. This follows a year of extensive listening, exploratory work, analysis, and discussion within the sector. All the RSG proposals documents, including related appendices, are available below.

The proposals set out a range of ways in which the RSG believes PSNC and the LPCs could work better together to ensure that contractors get the best possible representation. They include setting a vision for community pharmacy, reducing duplication between LPCs and PSNC, and ensuring contractors get the same levels of support, wherever they are in the country. 

Community pharmacy contractors are being asked to consider the proposals and vote on whether they would like these changes to PSNC and the LPCs to be taken forward.

The RSG Proposals documents 

RSG Proposals (PDF) Full length version

RSG Proposals (PDF) Executive summary only

Proposals Summary and Vote Overview (PDF)

Appendix 1: Commentary against the 33 Independent Review recommendations

Appendix 2: Map of LPCs and ICS in England

Appendix 3: Levy and funding analysis (Replaced by levy calculations for 2023/24 onwards as part of RSG implementation)

Appendix 4: Overall system organisation chart

Appendix 5: Indicative implementation plan

Potential future roles of national and local organisations

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