RSG is looking for Programme Management Expertise

The RSG is looking to engage an experienced programme manager or consultant on an immediate basis to work with the RSG to support steering forward this change programme. They will contracted through PSNC and managed by the Director of Contractor Support and LPC to:

  1. Further refine and describe the project scope, building on the outputs from the RSG assessment of recommendations, issues and defining principles
  2. Build a critical path, timetable and programme plan for agreement with RSG
  3. Refine the programme structure, including resource requirements and the detailed funding requirements from PSNC, LPCs, or (although unlikely) any other sources
  4. Facilitation, engagement and alignment of stakeholders on steps 1-3 above, working with RSG communications consultant (who has already been appointed)
  5. Develop a delivery plan and outline milestones to track progress
  6. Describe how programme oversight, accountability and assurance will be provided

A range of specialist expertise will be needed to take forward the work on the programme. This will need to be scoped and defined as part of developing the programme plan. For further information see:

Book now for Pharmacy Representation Review webinar

Professor David Wright is holding a webinar about his independent review of community pharmacy representation and support on Monday 29th June at 7pm.

The webinar will give contractors the opportunity to learn more about the findings of Professor Wright’s review – they will hear from him directly and have the chance to question him on his report.

Professor Wright will publish his findings and recommendations on Friday 19th June, giving contractors who wish to some time to read them before the webinar.

The aim of Professor Wright’s review was to find ways to optimise LPC and PSNC working to ensure that the national network structure for contractor representation is working as efficiently as it can and is fit for the future. The independent review team’s report will also set out a series of recommendations for how the support and representation offered for contractors can be improved.

LPCs and PSNC will have a separate virtual meeting in early July to question Professor Wright and discuss a plan for next steps in response to the recommendations.

Register for Professor Wright’s Pharmacy Representation Review: A Contractor Webinar