Reminder: Last chance to sign up for Focus Groups

The Review Steering Group is holding a second round of online focus groups, this time discussing representation and structure. A successful session was held last Thursday with the final two happening this Wednesday and Friday. 

Now that we have defined the roles of local and national representation, we are starting to explore what wider structure and governance is needed to ensure the local and national organisations are set up to deliver the best possible services to contractors. We’ll be considering how they interact with other bodies and how contractors’ views should feed into them. 

At the focus groups the RSG will also be able to offer updates on the contractor voting process and on some of the analysis we have been doing around the wider NHS landscape and how that is relevant to contractor representation and support. 

Contractors, LPCs, PSNC Members and contractor trade body representatives are being invited to attend one of the two remaining focus groups scheduled in October, taking place over Zoom: 

Remaining dates

20th October, 19.30 – 20.30

22nd October, 13.00 – 14.00 

To register your attendance at the focus groups, please click here.

If you cannot attend

It is important that we hear from as many contractors as possible and we hope that having daytime and evening sessions makes these events more accessible for everyone. However, if you can’t attend any of these meetings, there is still an opportunity to submit feedback online.

Those contractors unable to attend one of the focus groups are encouraged to read these slides and share their views via before Sunday 31 October.

RSG releases its working plan for the Contractor Voting Process

The Pharmacy Review Steering Group (RSG) has today published its working plan for the contractor vote that will be held early in 2022 on the future of community pharmacy representation and support. 

Since its launch, the RSG has been undertaking a programme of work to define the future of community pharmacy representation and support at both a local and national level, aiming to ensure that all contractors receive the best services possible. 

These options are currently being developed and contractors and others are invited to take part in a series of engagement events taking place this month. Whatever the proposal looks like, the final decision on whether to implement the changes will be for contractors only to decide, and a contractor vote will be held early in 2022.

The paper sets out the RSG’s plan for that vote. In developing this, as in all its work, the RSG has sought to be as inclusive as possible and it has settled on a plan that will not reinforce divisions within the sector.  

Contractors are encouraged to share their views with the RSG by attending the current round of focus groups, or further questions or feedback can be emailed to