Pharmacy sector event 14th June 2021 – on-demand content

RSG webinar for the pharmacy sector

Monday 14th June 2021, 7.30 – 8.30pm

The RSG invited the pharmacy sector to an engagement event on Monday 14th June, 7.30pm – 8.30pm.

In mid-March, The Berkeley Partnership, led by Jennifer Johnston, was appointed by the RSG as programme management advisers to refine the scope of the programme, create the programme plan and develop the stakeholder engagement approach.

Since then, the RSG has been working with The Berkeley Partnership to agree a set of overarching principles to govern the design and implementation of the upcoming change programme. The work has included development of a proposed high-level roadmap of activity to identify the order in which things need to happen for the sector to successfully embed the change.

The RSG has created a draft set of principles and a draft roadmap and will be seeking views from LPCs and the Contractor Forum in May 2021, as well as engaging with the trade bodies. This feedback was used to produce the final programme design principles and roadmap.

At the webinar on 14th June the RSG presented:

  • The final key principles for how the programme will be run and how decisions will be governed
  • The final approach as to how the RSG will engage with key stakeholder groups
  • The final high-level plan and timeline of activities through to 2022
  • When you should expect to hear from the RSG and when we will be seeking input from stakeholders