Pharmacy Representation Review Update: Next Steps

10th June 2020

UPDATE: PSNC Chief Executive Simon Dukes will be hosting a next steps webinar on the independent review into contractor support and representation on 10th August at 7pm.

Following the publication of Professor David Wright’s review into community pharmacy contractor support and representation, thank you to all contractors who took part in Professor Wright’s webinar on this topic. If you missed it, you can watch an on-demand version on his website.

You can also find the full report on that website, and PSNC’s summary of it is here:

PSNC Briefing 020/20: Summary of the Independent Review into Contractor Representation and Support

The review identified a number of issues with the current structures that are providing contractor support and representation and set out 33 recommendations for change. Those ranged from a rebranding exercise and the introduction of a new governance framework, to the creation of a new Council structure for PSNC and a shared vision for the future of community pharmacy.

This week, almost 180 LPC and PSNC representatives took part in a virtual meeting about the findings of the review. The event gave delegates the chance to question Professor Wright on his findings, and also to share their initial reactions to his report.

The results of four delegate poll questions are copied below, and it is particularly striking that 100% of delegates agreed with at least some of the issues identified by Professor Wright and with at least some of his recommendations. A fifth question sought views on a proposal for next steps as follows:

Our proposal is that we continue working together (PSNC and LPCs) and set up an LPC/PSNC working group to review the recommendations and work on proposals in time for the September LPC Conference.

PSNC has received a large number of responses and ideas from LPCs, but the clear message is that almost everyone is keen for PSNC and LPCs to work together in some way to explore proposals in time for the September LPC Conference. To facilitate that, in the week commencing Monday 20th July PSNC CEO Simon Dukes will share a proposal with LPCs for our next steps together.

PSNC is absolutely clear that contractors need to be a part of this – to that end, we would welcome your ongoing thoughts and feedback via the email address. The proposal for next steps for PSNC and LPCs will also pick up the ongoing need to engage with the sector as a whole.

PSNC will update contractors again once a way forward has been agreed for the summer.

Pharmacy Representation Review: Poll Results

Q1. How useful has today been in helping you to better understand the report?
Very useful – 49%
Useful – 38%
Of some use – 12%
Not at all useful – 1%
(161 voted)

Q2 . How useful has today been in helping you to share your views with others?
Very useful – 23%
Useful – 44%
Of some use – 31%
Not at all useful – 2%
(162 voted)

Q3. The report highlights a number of issues and makes specific recommendations. Looking first at the issues, which statement best describes your view of the report:
I recognise the vast majority of the issues highlighted in the report – 56%
Many of the issues ring true and some do not – 40%
A minority of the issues highlighted ring true, but most do not – 4%
I don’t recognise any of the issues highlighted in the report – 0%
(162 voted)

Q4. Moving on to the recommendations, which statement best describes your view of the report:
I agree with all of the recommendations – 6%
Many of the recommendations have merit, but others need further work and exploration – 75%
Some of the recommendations have merit, others are not practicable or acceptable – 19%
I don’t agree with any of the recommendations – 0%
(163 voted)