PSNC issues statement on future of pharmacy representation

PSNC has today published a statement on the future of pharmacy contractor representation, reflecting on how best to start the process of addressing the findings of an independent review.

The independent review into contractor support and representation, which PSNC initiated in 2019 working together with LPCs, concluded in summer 2020 with the publication of a report setting out 33 recommendations for the future workings of PSNC and LPCs.

After agreeing that they recognised at least some of the issues identified and that there was merit in at least some of the recommendations, LPCs and PSNC have been considering some key questions on the next steps, and today’s statement outlines PSNC’s answers to these questions. We hope this will provide some transparency about our current thinking and also reassure contractors and LPCs that no decisions will be made without the broad consent of the sector.

The statement covers governance and funding for any possible next steps, and sets out some principles that PSNC believes should underpin the process. In particular, it makes clear that any next steps must be about bringing the community pharmacy sector together and ensuring that the whole spectrum of views are heard, listened to and acted upon. PSNC wants every contractor to have confidence that any changes to their representation and support structures will benefit the sector.

Whilst hearing views from the large number of contractors in the sector will be a challenge, it is an important part of the process. As a committee representing all contractors, PSNC is well placed to be at the heart of that process, but it must not, and will not seek to, dictate the outcomes.

PSNC looks forward to hearing views from LPCs and contractors on the way forward and to exploring this further at the LPC Conference in September and then working together towards changes that will benefit all community pharmacy contractors.

PSNC Statement: The Independent Review into Contractor Support and Representation

Contractors: have your say

There is still time for contractors to have their say on the future of pharmacy representation.

On 10th August PSNC held a webinar for contractors to set out some initial responses to the review team’s recommendations and talk through four questions that PSNC and LPCs are considering over the summer – we would be delighted to hear from community pharmacy contractors about these as well. To share views, contractors are advised to watch the on-demand webinar:

Click here to view an on-demand version of the webinar*

You can also click here to view the slide pack used in the webinar.

Please submit comments to no later than COP Monday 31st August.

*Please note, to watch the recording, you will need to register (or input the email address you registered with previously).